Neoreactionary writing is deliberately obfuscatory to prevent entryism. Also, neoreaction involves the creation of numerous new concepts requiring new terminology. Because of this, neoreaction has developed its own ideological language. If you wish to either understand or credibly critique neoreaction a certain amount of study is necessary.

To help you get started, below is a short dictionary of some of the more common terms and phrases in neoreactionary writing. These are simple, shorthand definitions. Make sure to read the linked articles to fully understand the terms. Comprehending this, is the final test of neoreactionary language knowledge.

BDH-OV Conflict – The (currently) democratic war of the castes in America.

Brahmin – Our current ruling class consisting of the cultural, bureaucratic, educational, and financial elites.

The Brown Scare – The Cathedral’s continual witchhunt for “fascists”.

Caste – The 5 distinct social groups with their own status hierarchies into which America is divided.

The Cathedral – The institutions, the church, which perpetuates ultracalvinism. Occasionally referred to as the Synagogue or Leviathan.

Cthulhu swims left – A metaphor of how Western society has inexorably proceeded leftward.

Dalit – A number of distinct ethnic subclasses characterized by high levels of bastardry, crime, poverty, and welfare use.

Demotism – Rule in the name of the people.

Entryism –  The tactic of leftists to enter a community then destroy it from within.

Exosemantics – The meaning of a word that derives from its context rather than its strict definition.

Formalism – The political ideology of formalizing power relations to deter violence.

Gnon – God of nature or nature.

Helot – The imported peasant class.

Horror – The feeling that descends upon you as you notice things.

Human Biological Diversity (HBD) – The theory of evolution, different groups of people in different environments evolved differently.

Jacobins – French republicans in the French revolution. Sometimes used to describe progressivism.

Jacobites – Supporters of restoring the Stuart line as monarchs.

Neocameralism – The political philosophy of the state as a business.

Patchwork – A society consisting of many independent sovereignties.

Puritan Hypothesis – The theory that modern progressivism is a non-theistic form of puritanism.

Restoration (Reset) –  The undoing of the Glorious, American, and French revolutions and the re-creation of a sane society.

Thede – A group of people an individual identifies with.

Ultracalvinism – A non-theistic Christian heresy that is the official ideology/religion of modern Western society.

Vaisya – The largest class. Relatively undefined, but roughly analogous to the combination of “middle America” and the industrial/business elites.

Whig History – Historiography that presents history as an inevitable progression towards greater enlightenment.