Resources -The NRx landing page.

Hestia Society – A foundation dedicated to diagnosing the cancer infecting modern civilization and finding a cure.

Counter.Fund – A right-wing crowd-funding platform and political party.

The official NRx Forum.

The official NRx Reddit.

Reactionary Library – A free online library of reactionary writings.

Neoreactionary Canon – A .pdf of the entire neoreactionary canon.

Best of Neoreaction – Selected neoreactionary readings.

Ascending the Tower – The official NRx podcast.

The New Blacklist – List of those purged for being outside the Overton window.

Dark Matter Journal – A quarterly neoreactionary academic journal.

Social Matter – A neoreactionary journal.

Neoreactionary Dictionary – A dictionary of NRx terms.

Reactionary Oath – A loyalty oath for reactionaries. A work in progress.

Dark Enlightenment Reddit – The Reddit for DE.

Unorthodoxy – Another DE aggregator.

Neoreactive – Another NRx aggregator.

Reactionary Map – A list of Reactionary websites.

Counter-Search – A search-engine of counter-zeitgeist sources.

Moldbug’s Writings

Moldbuggery – An organized collection of Mencius Moldbug’s writings, the foundation of neoreaction.

A few of Moldbug’s foundational series in .pdf form:

An Open Letter to Open-minded Progressive
A Gentle Introduction to Unqualified Reservations
How Dawkins got Pwned
A Formalist Manifesto

More Moldbug .pdfs

Neoreactionary Reading Lists

Library of the Dark Enlightenment
The Froude Society
Slow History
Foseti’s List
The Patrician’s Library
The Dark Enlightenment Reading List
Neoreaction for Uninformed Vaisyas

Related but Non-Neoreactionary Reading Lists

HBD Reading List
HBD Fundamentals
Great Books of the Aristocracy

Great Books for Men
Free Man’s Reading List